Sunday, October 4, 2015

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

(our latest steps): Celebrating India

(our latest steps)
India is the second largest populated country in the world
with many different regions, languages, and cultures.
Yet over the past few years, His Little Feet
has come to love one of it's north-eastern regions...
the State of Mizoram!

The traditional clothing in Mizoram, "Puan Clothing," 
has been passed down many generations.
Each pieces is intricately woven 
with beautiful colors and designs. 
 What makes each piece so special and
beautiful is the personal involvement of the weaver, 
who with great time and skill, weaves a story into each 
traditional piece made. 
The patterns in the material identify various tribes.
The Mizo children who participate in His Little Feet 
happen represent a number of the variously unique tribes
 from that region of the world.
The Mizo beadwork is exquisite 
and has meaning behind each piece.
Famous Bamboo "Cheraw" Dance
While four people move long pieces of bamboo to a 
special beat, talented dancers move their feet inside and out
of the moving bamboo sticks. 
This dance takes a lot of patience and time to learn, 
but is super fun to try - ask Auntie Christa sometime!
Over the past couple of years, we have had
some very talented young ladies perform this 
cultural dance during our concerts!

The Beautiful Landscaping
Translated, Mizoram means 
“country of the people of hilly regions”.
And that is exactly what Mizoram is, 
a beautiful region of hills and trees! 
Isn't it breathtaking?
Translated, Mizoram means 
“country of the people of hilly regions”.
And that is exactly what Mizoram is, 
a beautiful region of hills and trees! 
Isn't it breathtaking?
There is so much more to love about Mizoram and India,
and we feel very blessed
 to be able to work with such a culturally unique and 
beautiful country!

Monday, September 14, 2015

(our latest steps): Celebrating Ethiopia

(our latest steps)

For the past four years, children from Ethiopia
have participated in His Little Feet.

They have shared with us their cultural song, dance, food, 
and love for their home country.

Today we thought we'd highlight some of the many
special things we love about Ethiopia!

The beautiful traditional outfits!
The beautiful white fabric in traditional
 Ethiopian clothing is called shemma. 
It is sewn in long strips, 
often accompanied by beautiful and colorful patterns
or traditional Ethiopian crosses. 
It take almost three weeks to weave enough cloth for one dress!

The unique dancing!

Ethiopia has many different cultural dances, 
but many include fun shoulder and head movements 
accompanied by a drum beat. 
Through our HLF tours, 
we've been blessed with some pretty
talented Ethiopian dancers!

The delicious food!
The Ethiopian national dish is called wat.
It is a hot spicy stew accompanied by injera
(traditional large spongy pancake 
made of teff flour and water).
Occasionally while on tour, 
the children have been served authentic Ethiopian cuisine. 
What a treat!!!
Oh and you cannot forget their wonderful coffee!

Their calendar! 
Photograph from:

The Ethiopian calendar is actually quite different 
than our American calendar.
 In fact, they just celebrated the 2008 New Year
on September 11th! 
Their calendar system is based off the Ethiopian
Orthodox Church solar calendar. 
Interesting, huh?
Throwback to our New Years Day 2015!
Wow, how everyone has grown!

Monday, September 7, 2015

(our latest steps): Celebrating Some Special HLF September Birthdays

(our latest steps)

September has some pretty special His Little Feet Birthdays,
so we thought we'd take a moment to celebrate them!

Auntie Christa
It's amazing to see how God has used you and Uncle Mikey
to reach thousands of children in need.
We are so thankful for you and your heart for the vulnerable!
You are a mother-figure to so many and we love you so much!

Auntie Janet
Not only do you volunteer so much of your time to work
with His Little Feet, you also take the time
to make special memories with the children every year!
We appreciate and love you!

Uncle Jon AND Auntie Emily
Uncle Jon, your kind heart and passion
for children is so encouraging!
Thank you for giving a year of your
life to serve alongside His Little Feet!
Those seven Indian children (and obviously
the rest of us) were so blessed by you!
Auntie Emily,  your talent for music, directing, teaching,
and serving has impacted our ministry so much!
Thank you for devoting your life to loving vulnerable children!
We love you so much!

Auntie Cotton
Thank you for taking time every week to
 appreciate the hundreds of those 
who bless our ministry through hosting 
the children and staff of His Little Feet. 
We know that you always go the extra mile 
to encourage and serve others. 
We love you and appreciate how you 
serve orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide
in Jesus Name!

Happiest of birthday Moise!
We are so thankful you came to sing with His Little Feet!
Praying for you and your schooling back in Haiti!
We love you!

Loudrige, your smile, joy, and servant's heart
is such a blessing to so many.
Thank you for serving and singing in the choir.
We love you and are praying for you!

Auntie Wisline
By sharing your  testimony across the country,
you have challenged
thousands of people to be in on it and
make an impact in a child's life.
Thank you for serving alongside HLF! We love you!


What a joy it was to watch Jesus work within you
this past year. You are such a sweet and tender little girl
with a smile that makes everyone else smile!
Keep loving Jesus and those around you!
We love you!

Auntie Kourtney
You are one of the most cheerful servants we know!
Your devotion and love for the Lord spills
out into so many other lives.
Thank you for caring for the least of these
and serving with every piece of your heart!
We love you!

Your joy and laughter is not easily forgotten!
We are so thankful you were able to share Christ with
so many while here in the United States.
We pray you continue to shine Jesus' light in India!
We love you!

Happy Birthday Cassandra!
Your enthusiasm for helping others is contagious!
Praying for you as you serve and follow Jesus in Haiti!

Monday, August 31, 2015

(our latest steps): A Day On The His Little Feet Bus

(our latest steps)
Over the last five years, the His Little Feet bus
has crossed the country over a dozen times!
We've been in over 35 states and have driven
hundreds of thousands of miles!
So what does a typical travel day on the HLF bus look like?

HLF Travel Day Schedule:
1. Prayer
Before ever departing from a church or the HLF campus,
the team always starts with prayer.
Sometimes even the host homes join us on the bus 
for final goodbyes and prayer!

2. Devotional
Each travel day, a HLF staff member 
is assigned to give a devotional to the team.
Ask anyone, these often are some of our fondest
memories on tour!

3. Quiet Reading 
Our devotional time is most often followed by 
some quiet reading time on the bus.
The children often read their Bibles, 
work on their school work,
(or on extra-early departure mornings...
take a nice nap!)

4. Bathroom Break and Fuel
It's always nice to stretch our legs, and have a 
quick break before finishing our drive.
Uncle Mikey is great at finding gas stations
near a park or large area of grass
for the kids to get some energy out!

5. Lunch
Many of our sack lunches are prepared
by our amazing host homes! Thank you!
By the end of tour, the team has approximately
eaten 3,360 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!!! Yum!

6. Rest Time
This may be surprising, but with such a full tour schedule,
the quiet bus drives, and the rest time it provides,
is welcomed by all of the kiddos.
The uncles and aunties love their rest time too!!!
Sometimes we have some creative pillows...

7. Fun Activity Until Arrival 
To finish off our drives, the team usually takes some 
time to sing songs, play quietly together,
and tell funny stories.
Sometimes there is even a movie or a 
birthday celebration!

8. Arrival and Unloading 
Rain or shine, snow or sleet! 
The uncles are always so helpful 
and unload the 25 plus suitcases upon our arrival to the church!

Traveling with His Little Feet is always an adventure!
Here are some of our favorite "HLF Bus" pictures...
Through the Rocky Mountains! 
The Eastern Kansas Plains!

Sunny Central California!
Across the plains of the Midwest!
Up through Montana and North Dakota!
Right through the Gateway Arch!
 Highway weigh stations!
Arriving to the church is always full of excitement!
"For he guards the course of the just 
and protects the way of his faithful ones."
Proverbs 2:8

Thank you for always praying for His Little Feet and
our travels across the country (and WORLD!)
on our mission to help, love and train
orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide!